October, you are a month with different shades of pink. You are a reminder of the current, past or future of many women with breast cancer. As we reach the end of this month, I want to share a message of hope.

As a young girl playing on a softball field, you do not think about cancer as much as you think about getting those 3 outs or scoring the next run. But, the women in the bleachers cheering do. They see you play and hope you never have to fight against cancer. The Art of Life Cancer Foundation was able to bring these young girls playing and their families a reminder to be the support for everyone who does not only see cancer during the month of October but in every day of the year. I was able to be a part of bringing these message of hope in the Community of Fresno.

I do not know what it means to have a parent go through cancer. But, I do know how it feels to have a parent with an illness. These messages were made for everyone who has been impacted by cancer. But, I read these messages and made them for me. For my dad, my brother.

I want you to read these messages of hope and make them for you. For your strength & motivation. We are not a softball team but we can all work together to make each fight against Cancer, Diabetes, 1p36Deletion Syndrome, Alzheimers etc. a win!

As we always would say in softball ” pump, pump, pump it up… pump that fighting spirit up, keep, keep, keep it up .. keep that fighting spirit up …..don’t don’t let it down… don’t let that fighting spirit down. ”

What is a cause that you are passionate about?

-Ambassador Evelyn