Make a Difference Day is a national event that gives people the opportunity to volunteer their time at a place in their community. This year, the Richter Center SERVE Committee and Reflection Facilitators teamed up with Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Art of Life, Sierra Foothill Conservancy, and The Discovery Center. I signed up to volunteer at the Sierra Foothill Conservancy, where land and wildlife is preserved and protected for educational and recreational use. At this site, volunteers helped clear trails by splitting up into four smaller groups and using a McLeod tool to break up dirt and grass. Working on these trails was a rewarding experience, knowing that they will soon be used by school children to learn from and enjoy. I also have a newfound appreciation for wildlife areas that are open to the public. Behind every trail that one can walk along, there was someone who put in time and effort to make that trail possible.

My favorite moment came after we finished clearing the trails and our guide, Chris Velez, asked our group if we would like to walk to a vista point. As we were walking, we came across some stairs that were made from rocks. Chris mentioned that these stairs were made by Fresno State volunteers several years prior. Learning of this made my experience so much more special knowing it was created with the help of my fellow Bulldogs

What is your experience with volunteering at one-day service events?  What is something you gained from your experience?

~Ambassador Sonya