While I was an undergraduate student, I had the opportunity to participate in my first service learning course. For my major, Family and Consumer Sciences, one of the courses I took was CFS 133S – Child and Family Crisis. This course examines how families react and adapt after going through a crisis. It broke down roles of the parental figures, children, and other members that can be affected by an event that alters the family dynamic.

What was new to me was this course’s service-learning component. My professor explained that the hours that we complete at our site would be directly related to the course. I chose to volunteer my time at Kingsburg Community Assistance Programs and Services (KCAPS) so that I would be helping the community I grew up in. KCAPS assists residents in Kingsburg, Traver, and London with housing, clothing, and food security.

During my time at KCAPS, I was able to help organize the thrift store that is open to these communities. Without the help of volunteers, KCAPS would not be as effective as it has been for so many years. My favorite and most memorable task at KCAPS was managing the register because I was able to interact directly with the community. I was also able to witness just how generous this same community is with its constant flood of donations.

What service-learning course(s) have you taken and which moment left the biggest impact on you?


Ambassador Sonya

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