I am looking forward to this year as a Richter Center Ambassador and continuing my role on campus as a student leader. I got my start in Fresno State student leadership experiences as a member of the Fresno State Health Peer Ambassadors of Wellness (PAWs). I was fortunate to serve as a 2015-2016 Health PAW ambassador; it was very fun and unique! I met great people and made great friends in this program.

Fresno State Health PAWs goal is to engage students in wellness programs and skill building activities to help students achieve their academic goals. The Student Health and Counseling Center sponsors Health PAWs, which is coordinated by Kathy Yarmo and Georgianna Negron-Long. While the program is open to all majors, it’s a great opportunity for all health related majors.

2The Health PAWs is a two semester commitment that provides students with many opportunities to get involved. This is a great opportunity for students that would like to build their skills, improve their abilities, and work with a great group of passionate individuals.  Students will get familiar with and learn the different types of services provided by the Health Center.

My experience as an ambassador was a very fun, exciting, and rewarding experience. I learned many things about myself; I was able to identify my weaknesses and was able to work on them. One of the biggest challenges I had was not being able to take initiative.  However, Health PAWs provided me with the opportunity to work on that competency. I interacted and worked with a very diverse group of students. This experience allowed me to see how diverse Fresno State truly is. Working together with great people made events memorable, I am grateful for having the opportunity to have worked with my Health PAWs brothers and sisters.


Health PAWs ambassadors gain leadership skills through serving our campus community by promoting a healthier Fresno State. The ambassadors are in charge of planning the Wellness Fair at Fresno State and partner with other organizations to inform students about their well being. Students learn about the different wellness topics such as Bulldogs for Recovery, Nutrition Services, Watchdog Training, and many more. This is how their leadership skills are built and are very beneficial for health related majors.

The Health Peer Ambassadors of Wellness is offered once a year because it is a one year commitment. However, if you want to take it one step at a time they also offer different volunteer services. You will be CPR certified and all cost are covered by the program including the ropes course.

For more information you can contact Kathy Yarmo at kyarmo@csufresno.edu or reach her at 559.278.6739

~Ambassador David