It is that time of year, when decorations are everywhere, holiday music is playing, and food becomes the greatest gift of all. However, I am not talking about the holidays. I am talking about finals week. With finals around the corner and with so many distractions around, it is difficult to stay focused. Here are a few tips to remember while studying for finals:

  1. Snack while you study.
    It is important to eat healthy snacks while you study, not only for your own health but it will also improve your ability to focus.
  1. Sleep.
    Although many people pull all-nighters before exams, it is very important to be well rested before a final to better maintain all the information.
  1. Take Breaks.
    It is important to study at your own pace. But to better maintain the information you are learning, study in intervals.

That being said, what study habits will you use to study for finals? What’s your favorite study snack? Are you ready?

Good Luck!

~Ambassador Nicole

[Image Courtesy of SodaHead]