If you are looking to take your passion for service from a hobby to a career, there are many certificate programs on campus to help you do just that! A certificate is very similar to obtaining a minor although it is more focused and requires fewer courses, usually about 12-15 units. As a campus with a commitment and a love for serving those in our local and global community, Fresno State offers many opportunities for students to expand their knowledge and views regarding service through these programs. You get to learn more about how to make an impact and get units for it in a really fun and compelling way. It’s a win-win!

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Here are some of the amazing certificate opportunities on campus:


Conversational Sign Language

Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies

Learning sign language opens the door to many possibilities for serving within the deaf community.


Global Awareness

Social Sciences

For those who are interested in international service, a certificate in Global Awareness could certainly help you learn about the needs and cultures of         people all around the world. This certificate includes a global issues course    and a study abroad experience.


Serving At-Risk Youth

Recreation Administration

This certificate provides you with the knowledge and hands on training to work with troubled youth. It pairs course work with a community placement to help students gain practical experience.


Humanics Certificate Program in Administration and Leadership for Community Benefit Organizations

Sociology Department

The Humanics Certificate allows students to learn what it is like to work for and run a Community Benefit Organization (formerly known as Nonprofit). The word humanics itself means the education of the whole person for leadership in service to humanity. Through relevant coursework, mentorships, and service hours students gain extensive knowledge, networking opportunities, and invaluable real world experience.


-Ambassador Emily