The 15th annual Continuums of Service conference was held in Seattle. The Ambassadors presented a poster on one of the projects they worked on this year, and also used the opportunity to get new ideas from other presenters.

Last week several of the ambassadors attended 15th annual Continuums of Service Conference.  We all walked away with new ideas and resources that we hope to use in order to better serve the campus and its students.  For me though, the most valuable point I took away from this gathering came from the wise words of Eric Liu, an author and one of the keynote speakers.

He said, “Society becomes how we behave.”  As I began to think about this, I realized how fundamental an idea it is.  We all know this quote to be true instinctively and can see evidence of this repeated throughout the history of mankind and in our everyday lives.

In the Fresno community, we have a great opportunity.  As more people are getting involved there are an increasing number of ways to put our time and talents to use in order to make a positive impact. These words will be a source of encouragement for me in the last few weeks of the semester and the months of summer to follow.  I hope that some of you will also find this quote inspiring and keep it in mind as we conclude this academic year and move into the next!

– Ambassador Kayla