Your Richter Center Ambassadors, pumped and ready to present the first ever Champions of Service workshop. As you can see, Ambassador Ryan is very excited to begin!

Two weeks ago, the Richter Center Ambassadors launched a new program that we’ve been developing all semester long! The program is called Champions of Service, and features a workshop and presentation that focus on inspiring students to champions of service in their own communities.

I had the privilege of being a part of the team that delivered the first presentation/workshop to Central High School in Fresno. About 15 students showed up after school to hear what we had to say and participate in our activities. We started by sharing a little bit about what we do at the Richter Center and what our roles are as Ambassadors. Next, we talked about why community service is important, some of the internal and external benefits that come from being a volunteer and some of the ways to get involved at Fresno State as well as other college campuses. After our brief presentation, we jumped into our workshop time!

The goal of the workshop was to help students learn how to be an effective volunteer in their community. We encouraged the students to think about what qualities make up a good volunteer (big heart, commitment, imagination, etc.) and what the strengths/weaknesses of their communities are. We concluded the workshop with a short brainstorming session during which we allowed the students to bounce ideas for their own community service projects off us.

It was really exciting to be a part of this program, and I hope to continue being involved as we work to bring the program to more high schools in the surrounding area, and hopefully even classes offered here at Fresno State!

– Ambassador Ryan