“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” -William James


It’s that time of year again: midterms are upon us. Personally, I have been swamped with tests and quizzes, all falling within the same week or even on the same day. Talking with my friends and seeing the look on students’ faces around campus, I can see that I am not alone. Everyone is battling with stress in one form or another. With all the thoughts of studying, papers, and projects, I felt myself becoming overwhelmed with all my commitments and responsibilities. My mind was racing, consumed with anxiety. But, what if instead of wasting my thoughts on worrying, I focused on how I can help others cope with their stressors? Stress is everywhere, from worrying about where your next meal is coming from to your physics test on Thursday. However, you can be the person who helps someone deal with that stress, whether it be volunteering to serve a meal or sending an encouraging text. What if we quit worrying about ourselves and chose to think about others? We could stop complaining about our stress and respond to the hardship of another instead. We could support each other through challenging times and celebrate when we’ve done well. Don’t you think that would make your day better if you chose one thought over another? How will you direct your thoughts this week?

-Ambassador Heather

[Image courtesy of Dr. Tim Lind]