Stories of Service

Since starting the Richter Center Ambassador leadership position in 2016, I have learned about the power of reflection, going beyond the “what,” and understanding the impact of the “why.” What you do (service) has a greater impact than you think; any small act of service can be grand to someone else, and that is the “why.” The goal of reflection is to find a purpose in the service that you are doing. Reflecting on the service that you accomplish can lead to memorable service experiences.

I had heard about the “Stories of Service” project as a new Ambassador in 2016; the project was created by past Ambassadors to collect service-related stories from Fresno State students, alumni, faculty, staff, and administrators to share those experiences with the Fresno State community. As a returning Ambassador, I am happy to continue the project and help share those stories of service and experiences, by posting them on the “Stories of Service” website.

While working on the project, I have read the previously submitted stories and I am inspired by all the collections of stories thus far: from volunteering locally in the Fresno area with Fresno State Alternative Spring Break, taking service-learning courses at Fresno State, and spending time doing service abroad. As we all know, Fresno State has accomplished over 11 million hours of service in 10 years, ranked number 17 in the nation by the Washington Monthly, a D.C.-based magazine ranking colleges and universities. The Fresno State community has memorable service stories which deserve to be shared.

As I read each story, I am astonished of all the opportunities we have on our campus! The diverse student population that serves, who come from different majors, makes me inspired to grow and seek opportunities that can contribute to my experience at Fresno State.

I am also excited about the “Stories of Service” website that will feature service experiences from Fresno State students, alumni, faculty, staff, and administrators. On November 1st, the Stories of Service website went live and features several Fresno State stories of service, which are all visible for viewers to see and learn from. If anyone is interested in submitting their story of service they can submit by completing this form HERE , or by using the link

~ Ambassador Alejandra