I have had the pleasure to volunteer for the Ronald McDonald House and Valley Children’s Hospital several times and each time I did, another impact on my life was made. The Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Central Valley serves the families of patients at Valley Children’s Hospital. It is a program that provides families with food and a home to stay in while their loved ones are being taken care of.

The first time I volunteered, I worked in the food prep station and was able to make delicious spaghetti and fresh toasted bread on the side. It was fun to work with my peers but even more thrilling to serve the families. Every single person that enjoyed their dinner had thanked us so genuinely. Other times I volunteered, I worked in facility cleaning by picking up trash and organizing the can tops that were collected. I learned that very simple tasks can make a huge difference in the end. Together, my team and I were able to clean and serve food to all the families that were staying there at that time. I couldn’t have imagined a more accomplished day.

Next door, at  Valley Children’s Hospital, I was able to take part in building a carnival for the children. We created fun games for all to play and just like many carnivals, there were great prizes too. The children enjoyed the opportunity to play, laugh, smile, and escape. It was so heart-warming to know that I was able to bring light to the children despite what they were going through.

Both events have a special place in my heart and every year I am more than willing to sign up to volunteer.

What are the little things that occur in your life that make a huge impact to you in the long run?

-Ambassador Anyssa