This year, from November 7-11, we celebrated Random Acts of Kindness week at Fresno State. The week consisted of spreading kindness and letting others know the significance of it. Our week initiated with the Wheel of Kindness. Students were able to spin the wheel to gain ideas on different ways they can help spread kindness around campus or among the community. The kindness acts on the wheel included: share a smile with a stranger, serve at the Bulldog Pantry, compliment a stranger, feed the hungry, and rak1donate to a charity.

The next day, we had the Tree of Kindness. Everyone was able to write on our tree’s leaves with a kind act they have done for someone or that was reciprocated for them. It was great to hear that we have kindness being spread around our campus. The day after the Kindness tree, we had Kindness cards, which served the purpose of encouraging everyone to show appreciation by writing a card for a student, family member, professor, or a community member. On Thursday, we had the Veterans’ Day Poster Signing; we encouraged everyone to sign our poster with their name along with a positive message. Besides obtaining students’ signatures, we were fortunate to have a few veterans sign the banner as well! Our week concluded with a couple of the Ambassadors attending the 97th annual Veterans Day Parade in downtown Fresno to express their gratitude for our Veterans.

Overall, Random Acts of Kindness Week was fantastic. It was so much fun and great to see several of our fellow peers participate in these activities and it highlighted the importance of being kind to one another and how a life of service can start with one small act of kindness. If we exhibit kindness and help each other, we make this world a better place. What was your act of kindness?

~Ambassador Janet