The path to becoming a leader is not necessarily an easy task for everyone. In my personal experience, becoming a leader wasn’t something I had believed I could ever achieve and I can confidently say it is never too late to become a leader. Experience is what convinced me to take on leadership opportunities and it could be anything as simple as a community service event.

It is such a rewarding experience and something I would strongly encourage anyone to take up and experience. Holding leadership positions opened up a lot of doors for me that not only have made everlasting memories, but also built the framework as a future professional. Overcoming the fear of getting out of our comfort zone may be difficult but definitely worth trying.


Growing up shy has presented me with a variety of social problems. I wasn’t involved at all in High School for the first two years and kind of avoided social interactions. It wasn’t until my junior year when I ended up becoming the captain of the tennis team. I was put in the position without having experience or the skills to lead a team. Wanting the best for my team, I began taking notes from my coaches and other role models that pushed me in the right direction to start becoming a leader. Right away I began to open up more and expressed a more social personality. It really was a struggle especially when I couldn’t grab the attention of my teammates because I was a soft spoken individual. It was through constant practice and mistakes that helped me get through the practices and games. I dealt with conflicts and debates that really tested my leadership role as a captain; however, everything was a learning experience and I matured from it.

What definitely helped me as a leader was volunteering in one of my clubs. It gave me the chance to understand the importance of charity and offer my help to others. Volunteering gave me the chance to socialize more and meet new friends in a joyful setting. Not to mention how much fun you get to have learning new ways to volunteer and give back to the community. Now that I am in college I feel like it is more important for me to volunteer to help the growing community that I live in. You can gain a lot from taking responsibility at charity events and it definitely is a value a leader should embody.

It is widely stereotyped that only outgoing individuals are best suited to become leaders. I don’t believe being a leader is a trait you born with but instead something you build up to. The process may be overwhelming at first but the experience is rewarding. Becoming a leader is what helped me get more involved in clubs and organizations to improve my abilities to lead. I hope my experience provides encouragement to take on leadership roles and gives you a reminder that it is never too late to be a leader.

– Ambassador Juan Carlos