This year, we celebrated the 4th Annual National Student Day at Fresno State (hosted by the Kennel Bookstore and Student Involvement). It was invented by college bookstores across North America to recognize students and encourage student volunteerism. This event was held in front of the Kennel Bookstore and consisted of various activities.  Additionally, both of our mascots were present to take pictures with and inject some additional school spirit.

I attended National Student Day in 2015 as a student; but this year, I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at this event as a Richter Center Ambassador.  We tabled with other great organizations such as Vintage Days and the USU Board of Directors. The Ambassadors had the chance to inform students about the Richter Center, the Epicenter (our bi-monthly newsletter), and the Picture the Change campaign.

Ambassador Francisco with Victor E. Bulldog
Ambassador Francisco with Victor E. Bulldog

Picture the Change is one of our methods of promoting volunteerism by encouraging students to write a service commitment they want to focus on throughout the semester. An Ambassador takes their photo, which ultimately gets posted on this blog. The wonderful aspect about the pledge is that it helps students see that anyone can volunteer, especially for something they are passionate about. Viewing these images of their peers, along with their written pledges, stimulates volunteer opportunities for them to take advantage of. I was able to talk to students who wanted to preserve the environment, wanted to help their peers, and some who just desired to complete 15 hours of service.  You can view the pledges we collected a this event, here.

I enjoyed the entire event and had so much fun tabling with the RCSL team; however, speaking to students was my highlight. I was shocked and thrilled to hear from many

Richter Center Ambassadors at National Student Day

students who are already volunteering during their free time. One observation I have formed is that service brings out the best in people because it is usually something they
are passionate about. Something I am fond of is working with students. Thus, I work on campus helping students through the Educational Opportunities Program, and now I volunteer with the Richter Center helping students to discover their devotion for service!

What is something that you are passionate about? Maybe there is some organization or place that can use your skills and interests to make a difference. I cannot wait for National Student Day 2017 so that I can continue giving back to the community!


~Ambassador Francisco