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I cannot find a better quote to describe the struggles that some, if not all, of us go through. Fear of the new. Fear of change. Fear of the unknown. Fear of presenting. Taking every chance and opportunity that is presented to us could be scary at first, but what we do not realize is how those opportunities change us.

Take a moment and think back to when you did something you were scared of, or did not really want to do. How did you feel after you accomplished it?

Most of the time, if not all, we feel proud and accomplished. We did something that perhaps at first we did not want to or something that we feared. It could have been anything, from giving a presentation to finding a new place to volunteer. The fears that make us get out of our comfort zones are sometimes the ones from which we grow most. We discover new strengths, we discover our weaknesses, and we discover a new perspective.

Someone once told me to take a leap of faith. At first I did not quite understand and I did not know how. Now, I am telling you to take a leap of faith. I stopped finding excuses why I could not do something, and I can tell you I have grown so much from taking that leap of faith. Besides the growth, I know I am able to give much more. My life was not only transformed, but now, I can pay that forward.

So, what about you? What experiences have you had? What did you learn from those experiences?

-Ambassador Jazmin