Courtesy of Nicole S.
Ambassadors Heather, Nicole, and Jazmin working on the tree well project during Make a Difference Day.

“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” –John F. Kennedy

Make a Difference Day is a national event that promotes community service to improve the lives of others. Fresno State collaborates with Fresno PARCS (Parks, After school, Recreational, and Community Service) and the Sierra Foothill Conservancy to create long-lasting projects that benefit the community.

Since it was my first time volunteering at a Make a Difference Day event, I was very excited to lend a hand in refurbishing and beautifying Woodward Park. There were two tasks at this site: we repaired fences/barricades surrounding the park and created tree wells for tree irrigation. From my perspective, the highlight of the day was observing harmonious teamwork. Each individual contributed his or her greatest effort to the task at hand. As a group, we were motivated and willing to put in our best efforts to complete our objectives. I was thrilled to see new faces and meet other Fresno State students that also enjoyed community service. Although it was an exhausting day, it was rewarding to see how much we were able to accomplish in just a few hours. One day when I return to visit Woodward Park, I will not only be able to enjoy the scenic views, but also be more appreciative of all the work that goes into keeping the parks clean on a daily basis.

After reflecting on this event, I realized that even the smallest things could be a part of something bigger. Each person was a puzzle piece, and by putting in time, energy, and effort we were able to all contribute to improving the park as a whole.  I look forward to attending the next service event called Serving Fresno Day on November 22nd, 2014. I hope to see you there as well.

What impact did Make a Difference Day have on you?

How can you make a difference everyday?

Will you be at Serving Fresno Day on November 22nd?

-Ambassador Nicole