heart for serviceOne of my favorite things about serving is that it has introduced me to some people with pretty amazing hearts. Some of the people who have inspired me and touched my life the most have been those that I have met while volunteering. These people come from all walks of life with different backgrounds and skill-sets; the only thing they all have in common is their heart for service.

Having a heart for service is something that anyone and everyone is capable of simply by having the right mindset and experiencing meaningful volunteerism.

Here are the characteristics that I think make up a heart for service:

An Open Heart: Volunteer work can introduce you to an incredible variety of people and situations. It is so important to have an open heart and be willing to stretch yourself beyond the norm. The wider you open your heart, the more room there is for it to be filled.

A Humble Heart: Volunteer opportunities allow you to lend a hand to people who could benefit from some extra help. When serving others, it is crucial to remember that although you may be fortunate enough to be in a better situation than them, you are not a better person than them. An important part of service is making people feel valued and loved, and treating people like a charity case will have the opposite effect. Rather than feeling sorry for the people you help, try to feel inspired to help improve their situation.

A Grateful Heart: Volunteering allows for many opportunities for self-reflection. Be grateful that you have the chance to serve, to learn, and to grow. Also, let your service experiences aid in being thankful for your own life. Volunteering has definitely helped me to appreciate my family, my friends, and my life so much more.

A Strong Heart: Sometimes when serving you will be exposed to unfortunate situations and sad stories. Volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club and learning about the struggles some of the kids have to face has definitely sent me home in tears, so having a strong heart is something I am working on. It is all about finding the balance of feeling compassion without becoming disheartened. Strength allows you to be moved but not shaken.

A Joyful Heart: Volunteering has created some of my best and happiest memories. Serving allows you to do so much good that is it hard not to feel joyful and proud. Enjoy service and all of the great warm fuzzy feelings that go with it!

So, now we want to know what you think.  What do you think makes up a heart for service?

-Ambassador Emily