On October 13, 2012, I was happy to participate in the largest Down Syndrome awareness event in the Central Valley. The event is a huge effort to not only bring awareness, but also fundraise money for all the programs and services the Down Syndrome Association of Central California provides.

The event took place in Hoover High School, and it worked similarly to walk-a-thons: you pay a small registration fee, get an awesome, free T-shirt, and then you just show up to the event to walk in support of the cause. There are some unique things about this event that made it even more fun. For example, during the walk I got to see the Step Up Walk of Fame! poster section. These posters had several pictures of beautiful children with Down syndrome shown as superstars for all to see. After the walk, there were performances by people with Down Syndrome, and it became a place of celebration. There was food, live music, and a lot of lively people that were happy to be there.

This was my first time participating in Step Up for Down Syndrome, and I was happy to see various Fresno State students come to Hoover High School and support the cause. I would like to propose a challenge, and have Fresno State break the event’s record of attendance of 1,500 people next year. Can we do it?

-Ambassador Amanda