Students painting
Daniel first tested the Alternative Spring Break waters with a stint on the Rotary Storyland Playland team during last year's ASB. Here he is helping to paint a tunnel with his fellow spring breakers.

Spring Break. Few words carry as much value at this point in the semester as the glorious aforementioned phrase which at turns taunts students with it’s (seemingly unreachable) proximity and inspires them with dreams of finishing that last assignment, test, or paper, and enjoying the freedom of a week off! Wherever your Spring Break may take you, it is my sincere hope that it will be peaceful, relaxing, and productive. I know that mine will be. This year, I wanted to do something of value to the community with my break. While it’s true that spending a week on the beach would be a perfect way to unwind, it’s just not for me. I found an alternative; Alternative Spring Break 2011 is going to be amazing! As part of the Alluvial Community Garden team, I will be helping to put together a location where people can come together to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. As far as I know, this involves building planters, leveling soil, putting in irrigation, and sundry other jobs.  It will be an intense week of physical labor and corroboration with fellow volunteers, and I can’t wait to get started!

-Ambassador Daniel