Enjoying the celebration with Ambassadors Paulina, Leah, and Yekta.

If you haven’t heard, Fresno State’s Million Hour service goal was blown out of the water last year. A few years back Dr. Welty expressed the lofty goal that Fresno State students, faculty, and staff would complete 1 million hours of service during it’s centennial year, 2010-2011. Always up for a challenge, we far exceeded the goal one year early. That’s right– Fresno State students, faculty and staff completed 1,162,101 hours of service during the 2009-2010 school year. Incredible! So what do we do? Celebrate!

Last week leaders in service from all over campus got together to express their excitement at this achievement. We held a celebration in the beautiful Table Mountain Rancheria Reading Room in the library. It was a great time and we even got to hear Jan and Bud Richter (our namesake at the Richter Center and favorite people) give a speech. I even got to say a few words! It was awesome to have so many active volunteers together in one room– and to make it even better, there was a huge cake.

Congratulations to EVERYONE who helped achieve this goal. Every hour counts!

Happy Turkey Day!

-Ambassador Celeste