Jessica Martinez met our challenge and sent us a description and photo of the completion of her Picture the Change pledge.

You, too, should send us your photos of completing your pledges!

Thanks, Jessica! Keep up the great work.

Jessica writes:

    “As promised I have spent my Friday nights with a bunch of guys from a fraternity and a few cool girl friends.  But really, I’ve been helping out at Youth For Christ (YFC), almost every Friday as promised, spending time with kids who would otherwise be roaming the streets.  Myself and some of the guys from AGO spent time hanging out playing with little kids. Every Friday YFC invites a bunch of the kids in the neighborhood, mostly in 3rd to 7th grade to come hang out in a converted fire house where we share food, play games and fellowship.  It’s been a lot of fun getting to know all of the kids, and some of the special events we’ve done have been a blast.  My personal favorite had to be girls night, we did the make up for all our young beautiful ladies and had a special guest speaker who gave a moving story about her resistance to the gangs many of her friends wanted her to join.

    Most of the kids in this area come from broken homes, and live in families that do promote gang activity and at times it’s a little bit interesting, and a little difficult to work with disobedient kids.  Overall though, despite some difficult nights, it was way worth.

    The picture attatched is us playing a few get to know each other games at the start of the year.

    Thanks for the challenge.

    Jessica's original pledge picture
    Jessica's pledge picture at the Services to the Community Expo

    Jessica completing her pledge
    Jessica completing her pledge!