Ten Fresno State current and future Student Ambassadors stormed the city of Portland, Oregon last month at the 13th Annual Continuums of Service Conference.

We were extremely excited when we were offered an opportunity to participate in the conference’s poster session.  When asked to present a poster that supported the conference theme of “Vision, Courage, and Leadership,” we immediately applied to take Picture the Change on the road!

Given the success since our initial launch of Picture the Change in Spring of 2009, Fresno State thought it was important to share the knowledge we have gained.  Along with providing a “How To” document on bringing this campaign to other local campuses, we provided a hands-on demonstration, which allowed conference participants to make their pledge to impact their community.  We collected a total of 18 pledges in less than an hour!

Be sure to CLICK HERE and take a look at our newest gallery of photos from the Continuums of Service Conference for ideas on other ways you can impact your community!

Ambassadors in Portland
The Richter Center Ambassadors and a few of our future recruits in Portland, OR for the Continuums of Service Conference

-Melissa Watkins
Richter Center Ambassador